Jason Fox

Jason Fox

Arch-Wizard of Ambiguity at The Cleverness

Choose One Word—a Ritual of Becoming

In this incredibly thought provoking session, Dr Jason Fox—Arch-Wizard of Ambiguity (most fantastic)—will share with you one of his most powerful spells. You’ll learn how to navigate complexity, ambiguity, paradox and doubt with just One Word. One Word to serve as a fuzzy contextual beacon to guide you towards future relevance. If you are searching for new motivation, meaning, enchantment or direction in life—if you seek to develop, grow and lead through times of change—this programme is for you.

It works—even if you are a deeply sceptical person who leads a complex life. Perhaps; especially so.

Dr Jason Fox is a wizard-philosopher masquerading as a motivational speaker, bestselling author and leadership advisor. He shows forward-thinking leaders around the world how to pioneer new and meaningful progress—beyond the default. His clients include the senior leadership teams of Fortune 500 companies around the world, and he works particularly well with sceptical audiences who have ‘seen it all before’. In 2016 he was awarded Keynote Speaker of the Year. When not liberating the world from delusions of progress, Jason enjoys partaking in extreme sports such as reading, sun-avoidance and coffee snobbery.
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