Nick Craig

Nick Craig

Author of Leading from Purpose | President at Core Leadership Institute

Leading From Purpose

Over the last 10 years of working with 15,000+ executives from across the globe, ranging from Ben & Jerry’s to ING Bank, Nick Craigtakes you on a journey to understand why leading from purpose is the key to thriving in times of great uncertainty.

Each of us has a purpose that is the unique gift we bring to the world. It is the essence of who we are as individuals and what we each bring to a situation that nobody else can.

Purpose is present in every instant of our lives and evident in how we interact with the challenges of the moment—not in what role, title or office we have. The challenge for most of us is we don’t truly know what it is.

Nick will demonstrate to that discovering and leading from purpose is realized through three primary gateways. By learning how to access these gateways we open the door to the purpose that has been leading us our whole lives and we can finally begin to own it and to lead from it.

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