Rebecca Tapp

Rebecca Tapp

CEO & Founder at Supernova Tribe

Uncovering Purpose In The Turning Point

BC (Before Corona), purpose was considered to be the North Star. The brightest light in the sky, a beacon guiding us to the future. But what happens when that future has been turned upside down? When the sky is all of a sudden covered by clouds? According to Rebecca, we need to stop, and instead of thinking about purpose as something we steer towards in the future, use it as an anchor in the present.

She’s going to help us understand why purpose isn’t something that exists outside of us, but within us.

Rebecca Tapp is the founder of Supernova Tribe, the Managing Director of Future Crunch and the host of the Decoding Purpose Podcast. For more than 15 years she has made it her mission to decode purpose in order to amplify the voices of people changing the world.