Renee Moorefield

Renee Moorefield

MCC & CEO at Wisdom Works Group

Be A High-Thriver

We are designed with an inherent capacity to thrive. Out of the 19 psychometrics in her pioneering research used to help leaders examine and evolve their capacity to thrive, an inspiring “vision and purpose” is one of the most significant. For +30 years, Renee Moorefield, CEO of Wisdom Works, has coached executives around the globe, from Hyatt to Hermés of Paris to The Coca-Cola Company, to make thriving a game-changer in their teams, organizations, and brands, starting with themselves.

Fueled by a compelling vision and purpose, you are better able to operate from a foundation of generativity and wellbeing, rather than reactivity and stress, plus use your potential to amplify thriving for the benefit of others. And doing so is a leadership imperative: today’s workplaces are too frequently powered by what Renee calls the five disses—disconnection, disengagement, distraction, disenchantment, disease—rather than the human thriving that fuels innovation and growth.

Renee will help you explore how a clear vision and purpose for your life and leadership can empower you to show up as a “high-thriver.” This also connects to your wellness habits, your sense of wonder and growth, and your resilience during difficulties and change. Equally as important? When you thrive, you are equipped with an inner resource to energize others, maximize their potential, and lead a vibrant organization.

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