Robin Athey

Robin Athey

Founder - Leadership and Somatic Coach, Purpose Guide at Integral Growth

Purpose In A Changing World

In these times, it’s crucial to have a compass. Our old mental models are no longer reliable. Beyond COVID 19 are economic crises and climate change that we’ve barely begun to face.

The good news? You are uniquely prepared for this time. Within each of us lies a deep well of wisdom and clarity that knows exactly how to proceed.

Robin Athey works with leaders and founders at the forefront of change. She brings over 30 years of experience, guiding them to build resilience and navigate ‘wicked messes’ with new ways of knowing.

Drawing on neuroscience, mindfulness and body sensing, Robin will guide you to (1) make difficult decisions in confusing times and (2) get clearer about your direction and next steps.

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