Srikumar Rao

Srikumar Rao

CEO at The Rao Institute

How To Completely Banish Stress From Your Life

More people report more stress in their life than ever before. Unforeseen events like Covid 19 and the meltdown of financial markets add to the sense of lack of control.

We become fearful and anxious wracked with worry. It is indeed possible, even in times like this, to function at a high level with little stress and great joy.

You may have to redefine what success means to you personally and come to terms with the notion that much of what you believed your entire life is flat out wrong. And you have to be open minded enough to experiment with different ways of viewing the world.

Welcome to the rabbit hole. This session with Srikumar Rao will help you remain serene even as you move toward more success than you ever dreamed possible.

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